Hi there. Thanks for checking out my website!

Currently I’m face-and-eyes into two illustration projects and a revision of a novel I’ve been working on forever:

  • I’m collaborating with Jenny Higgins on Agnes Ayre’s ABCs of Amazing Women: Newfoundland & Labrador Women of Note, Some of Whom Won Us the Vote.  This is a fun book that introduces us to a wide range of interesting and action-packed women from the suffragette era to be published by Boulder Press.
  • My second comic book about the sinking of the S.S. Caribou on October 14th, 1942, Lifeboats Down is scheduled to be released by Breakwater Books in the spring of 2020. (If you had a relative on the S.S. Caribou that night, please check out my page “S.S. Caribou: Passengers & Crew 14/10/1942”.)

Morgan’s Printing/art Studio is currently set up in the main floor of the Neal Building. Keep your eyes open for my Pop-up Propaganda Press my small platform of political thought and free speech.

If you are interested buying anything you’ve seen at a show or craft fair, my work is available at the Red Ochre Gallery, 96 Duckworth Street, St. John’s, NL: http://www.redochregallery.ca and Devon House Gallery.

Morgan pulling etching

Upcoming Events this Fall:

  • Printmaking and Geology: I’m going to be on Fogo Island, October 13, 2018 conducting a free workshop for local children on telling the story of Brimstone Head. I’ll be bringing out St. Michael’s Printshop’s Anne Meredith Barry’s press for this workshop.
  • Letterpress in Port Union: After Fogo, I’m spending Monday to Friday at the Coaker Foundation’s Factory, playing with the Advocate Press. If you’re in the area, drop by. I’m planning to be there during museum opening hours.
  •  Art Sale at the Neal Building: My Pop-up Propaganda Press will be on the fourth floor of the Neal Building on Sunday, November 11th. Drop by after attending the Remembrance Day Services. 50 Harbour Drive.






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