Hi there. Thanks for checking out my website!

DSC_0058My newest pairing of etchings with an historical postcard is “St. John’s: 1912-2017” (see below). This was part of a two-woman show at Devon House Gallery in August 2017. In September 2017, I had a show at the lovely Two Whales Coffee Shop, Port Rexton. Then I went to Channel-Port aux Basques for a wonderful event commemorating the 75th anniversary of the sinking of the S.S. Caribou on October 14th, 1942.

Now that winter is here, I’m planning to spend 2018 writing and working on my second comic book: Lifeboats Down. (See more information below.)

If you are interested buying anything you’ve seen at a show or craft fair, my work is available at the Red Ochre Gallery, 96 Duckworth Street, St. John’s, NL: http://www.redochregallery.ca and Devon House Gallery.

Upcoming Events:

  • On-going Research on the S.S. Caribou–check out my page “S.S. Caribou: Passengers & Crew 14/10/1942”. I am trying to learn everything I can about the people aboard the Caribou on October 14, 1942. If you can add anything to my “current list” please leave a comment. I’m hoping to update my information with the new stories that I learned this fall at the Channel-Port aux Basque Museum. My new comic book “Lifeboats Down: the Sinking of the S.S. Caribou” will be published by Breakwater Books in fall 2018.
  • Woodblock Engraving Workshop. I’ll be holding my next one in January, 2018 probably at the Annex in Mount Pearl. Beginners welcome! $75 (+ $20 if you buy the engraving tool). More information will follow.Morgan_StJohn's1912-2017sm




One thought on “Hi there. Thanks for checking out my website!

  1. Jennifer Morgan Post author

    Hi Dick, I did visit the Gustav Dore exhibit. I was especially impressed by the skill of his woodblock engravers–which I (of course) would have liked to have seen more of. There was one engraver who worked with him (I think his name was Pisan) who was especially impressive. Thanks for telling me about the show.


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