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Tern & Seaweed

Don McKay is a poet who is fascinated with geology. I am a printmaker who loves using the old letterpresses at the Coaker Foundation’s Advocate Press. Because Port Union is home to an exciting fossil, Haootia Quadriformis, and because fossils are a kind of print, I suggested to Don that he write a poem and I create a print about it. The results of our collaboration will be launched on the Thanksgiving Day weekend, at the Coaker Foundation’s first Text & Image Workshop. (See below.) The image on the right, “Tern and Seaweed” was created for the first stanza of Don’s first poem, and is an etching and cyanotype combination.

Text & Image Workshop Leaders:

Don McKay: Don’s writing has been marked, for the last few decades, by an interest in geology and deep time. This is evident in books of poetry like Strike/Slip and Paradoxides (NTS) and books of essays like Deactivated West 100 and The Shell of the Tortoise (Gaspereau). He has a great deal of experience teaching creative writing (Western University, UNB) and editing (Brick Books, The Banff Centre, Piper’s Frith). For this project with Jennifer Morgan, he has been concentrating on fossils (eg. Haootia quadriformis, Aspidella terranovica) found on various sites on the Avalon and Bonavista peninsulas.

Jennifer Morgan: Jennifer has illustrated seven books, including the graphic novel Almost Home: the Sinking of the S.S. Caribou (Breakwater, 2012) which won the Heritage and History Award for Young Adult writing. In 2015 Jennifer was a resident artist in the Coaker Foundation’s Advocate Press. Since then she has used every excuse she could find to create art in this space. This past spring Jennifer founded the Advocate Guardian program, where artists who have been in-serviced on the press can use it on a drop in basis in season. (Participation in Sunday’s workshop will qualify you to be an Advocate Guardian.)

Upcoming Events this Fall:

ArtsNL-colourThe Coaker Foundation’s 1st Text & Image Weekend: October 11, 12, 13, and 14, 2019. Start planning to come out to Port Union on the Thankgiving Day Weekend when Don McKay and I will launch our “PreCambrian Braille” letterpress broadsheets. The weekend will include a talk/walk with Don Johnson to see the Catalina fossils, a challenge to create a metaphor about deep time, and print it on a rubbing participants will make on the Catalina dome. On Saturday evening Don McKay and I will launch our project, and we are hoping participants will bring something for a show and tell. The workshops are limited to six writers and six artists, but the evening launch is free and open to the public. All events will start from the Coaker Foundation’s Factory, Main Street, Port Union. The workshop is $60 for two days, with spillover time on Monday for extra time writing or creating art. To reserve a space or for more information please email me:morganjlee(at)hotmail(dot)com (We are pleased to say that this project is sponsored by ArtsNL.)

The Craft Council’s Christmas Craft Fair: November 8-11, 2019. Morgan’s Printing Office/Art Studio will be there again this year at the Jack Byrne Arena.






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