Bare Need From Coley's Point (16"x20") Acrylic, 1993 (Not For Sale)


36"x24" Acrylic Painting,  2013

Conception Bay North, Long Beach 36″x24″ Acrylic Painting, 2013

36"x 24", Acrylic Painting, 2013

Bare Need, Conception Bay North 36″x 24″, Acrylic Painting, 2013

Bestrewed With Flowers (36"x24") Acrylic and Collage, 2012. (Sold)

Bestrewed With Flowers
(36″x24″) Acrylic and Collage, 2012.

24"x36" Acrylic and Collage, 2012. (Sold)

Postcards from Spaniard’s Bay 24″x36″ Acrylic and Collage, 2012. (Sold)

“Painting” was my emphasis when I studied art at Andrews University in the 1980’s. At that time I was an Abstract Expressionist–no surprise there, so was everyone else! After a decade of focusing on printmaking, when I started painting again recently, I found that printmaking had influenced my painting quite a bit. I’ve enjoyed playing with technique and adding collage elements into my paintings. I have also been indulging my inner landscape artist. Despite my angst-ridden youth, I’m just very happy when I paint outdoors. Unfortunately, it takes me longer to paint then to produce a suite of prints, so my paintings are rarer. The featured image on this page (which I can’t seem to caption) is an acrylic board sketch that I painted in 1996 just as a rain storm was starting on the hill in Coley’s Point South, behind our family house. I’m very fond of it, so it’s not for sale, but I keep saying I need to do a larger version. Now that I see that sentence in print, I think I’ll start working on that painting during this rainy, snowy January.


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